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Cost Effectiveness and Barriers of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
Improving the energy efficiency (EE) is widely recognized as a most cost-effective option to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, very little is known about what EE measures are currently implemented in the commercial sector and to what extent policy can promote EE. This study attempts to conduct ex-post analysis based on the empirical data of EE measures implemented under "the Tokyo CO2 Emission Reduction Program." In this program from 2005 to 2009, the large-scale commercial buildings were demanded to submit 5 year plans, including the detailed description of each EE option, e.g., category, level, and reduction amount. In order to investigate the impact of the program and obtain additional information for each measure, we conduct a questionnaire survey of about 300 buildings. A bottom-up analysis is performed using dataset of about 2000 measures, for example, when they are actually implemented, when they are expected to be implemented in case of business as usual, how long the pay-back period is, what kind of barriers make implementation difficult, etc. The result shows that the expected reduction rate of GHGs is about 3.5% on average. These EE measures reduced both the GHG emission and total cost at the average abatement cost of approx. -$140/t-CO2. Moreover, about 30% of reduction is identified to be measures incrementally prompted by the program, and the average abatement cost of additional reduction is estimated to be -$80/t-CO2. The study also elaborates why the economic reduction potential remains unavailable. The result reveals that the abatement potential under the influence of the lack of information is significantly cost-effective.
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西尾 健一郎

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キーワード [Keywords]
和文 英文
省エネルギー Energy Efficiency
CO2削減ポテンシャル CO2 Emission Reduction Potential
温暖化政策 Climate Change Policy
業務部門 Commercial Sector
オフィスビル Office Building
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