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Challenges of design and evaluation of pilot studies on energy efficiency and demand response
省エネルギー・節電促進策として、スマートメータ・HEMS(Home Energy Management System)を用いた使用量見える化や、時間帯別料金・緊急ピーク時料金などのデマンドレスポンス(DR, Demand Response)型料金に対して期待が寄せられている。その効果を見極めるために実証研究が行われるが、適正に運用されないと、有益な知見を得られないばかりか、本来の実力以上の評価をもたらすこともある。実証のあり方にかかる議論は我が国で不足してきた。そこで本研究では、省エネ・DR実証の運用や結果解釈の適正化に資するため、検証方法論の既往知見を参考にしながら、我が国の事例も振り返ることで、実証の課題や対応策を整理した。
There is a growing interest in the impact of energy efficiency and demand response measures such as energy usage feedback and dynamic pricing. Although pilot studies are necessary and useful in assessing the amount of reduction in electricity consumption, their results may lead to the overestimation of effectiveness unless field experiments are appropriately designed, executed and evaluated. This report aims to contribute to the quality management of pilot studies and to improve the scientific literacy of the people involved in research, business, and policymaking by learning from past experiences and from the guidelines followed in the United States and also by referring to previous projects in Japan. Pilots should be carefully designed and evaluated to guarantee both internal and external validity. In this study, we discuss the challenges and recommendations from six viewpoints: identification of influential factors, gathering of data for comparison, requirements for the sample size, persistence of reduction, generality of outcomes, and proper data management.
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西尾 健一郎

社会経済研究所 エネルギーシステム分析領域

向井 登志広

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キーワード [Keywords]
和文 英文
省エネルギー Energy Efficiency
節電 Electricity Saving
デマンドレスポンス Demand Response
評価測定検証 Evaluation, Measurement & Verification
ランダム化比較対照実験 Randomized Controlled Trial
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