Due to the organizational restructuring dated July 1, 2021, this department has moved to a new department. Information before the reorganization (until June 30, 2021) can be viewed on this website.

Nuclear Technology Research Laboratory

2-11-1 Iwadokita, Komae-shi, Tokyo 201-8511 Japan
TEL : +81-3-3480-2111

Research Lab Overview

The Nuclear Technology Research Laboratory plays a core role in atomic energy research at CRIEPI, including development of basic technologies in support of the operation and maintenance of light-water reactors for commercial use, development of rational safety assurance methods in relation to radiation, and research and information dissemination related to radiation protection based on evaluation of the physiological effects of low-dose radiation. It is also engaged in development of an innovative nuclear fuel cycle and advanced reactor, working toward the future commercialization of a fast reactor cycle.

Research Priorities

  • Development of technologies for building up the infrastructure required for operation and maintenance of light-water reactors
  • Research in support of power plant sites, through development of heat transfer flow, fuel and reactor core analysis, and other basic light-water reactor technologies
  • Research in support of facility maintenance and operation for light-water reactors, based on risk information
  • Development of rational methods for radiation safety guarantees
  • Development of rational disposal technologies for wastes generated in the disassembly of nuclear power plants
  • Development of safety evaluation methods that quantify long-term uncertainties in radioactive waste disposal
  • Research for a correct understanding of low-dose radiation
  • Systemization of low-dose radiation and radiation rate maps for application of radiation protection
  • Information dissemination as a research network site for the effects of low-dose radiation
  • Development of next-generation technologies and advanced basic technologies for nuclear power metallic fuel and pyro-reprocessing technology targeting the future fast reactor era
  • Comprehensive surveys and research into small reactors (4S) and other next-generation technologies
  • Cooperation with nuclear power-related issues at other research sites
  • Development of technologies for disposal of high-level and low-level radioactive wastes (Civil Engineering Research Laboratory/Nuclear Fuel Cycle Backend Research Center)
  • Upgrading technologies for reduction of seismic risks (Civil Engineering Research Laboratory)
  • Research into maintenance guidelines for stress, corrosion, and cracking (SCC), hydrochemistry, materials irradiation embrittlement, and piping crack progression (Materials Science Research Laboratory)

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