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Basic Technology Subjects

Effectively utilizing and enhancing the expertise of its eight specialized laboratories, CRIEPI continuously promotes basic research in 36 areas as it aims to develop prospective and advanced technologies, reinforce fundamental technologies and develop next-generation core technologies.

Socio-economic Research Center

Utility Management and Policy
Economic and Social Systems
Energy Technology Assessment

System Engineering Research Laboratory

Electric Power Systems
Customer Systems
Communication Systems
Mathematical Informatics

Nuclear Technology Research Laboratory

Nuclear Reactor Systems Safety
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Core
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Human Factors

Civil Engineering Research Laboratory

Geosphere Science
Earthquake Engineering
Structural Engineering
Fluid Dynamics
Underground Energy Utilization Technologies

Environmental Science Research Laboratory

Atmospheric and Marine Environment
River and Coastal Environment
Biological Environment
Environmental Chemistry

Electric Power Engineering Research Laboratory

High-voltage and Insulation
Lightning and Electromagnetic Environment
Applied High Energy Physics
Electric Power Application
High Current Technology

Energy Engineering Research Laboratory

High Efficiency Power Generation
Advanced Fuel Utilization
Heat Pump and Thermal Storage
Energy Conversion Engineering
Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Heat Transfer and Reacting Flows

Materials Science Research Laboratory

Structural Materials
Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Advanced Functional Materials
High Performance SiC Semiconductor for Power Electronics
Materials Evaluation Fundamentals

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HOME > Activities > Basic Technology Subjects

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