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   What is CERL?
   The Civil Engineering Research Laboratory is an expert group involved in applying geology, soil, groundwater and earthquakes, and materials, structures, fluids, and meteorology expertise to the challenge of understanding geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere global-scale natural phenomena

It also carries out research related to the siting and construction of social infrastructure such as electric power facilities the maintenance of hazard mitigation and also conducts research and development on the transport and storage of spent fuel, disposal of radioactive wastes and recycling of decommissioned wastes in the nuclear fuel cycle backend.
   Research Priorities
   Research on hazard mitigation and maintenance of social infrastructure
  Mitigation of social loses due to natural hazards
  Siting and construction of electric power facilities
  Maintenance of electric power facilities   

Research on the nuclear fuel cycle backend
  Disposal of radioactive wastes and recycling of decommissioned wastes
  Transport and storage of spent fuel
Advanced basic research
  Computer science
  Earth sciences