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Geosphere Science Sector The Geosphere Sscience Ssector has assessment technology for both the foundation and deep underground condition by geological survey, active fault survey, geophysical survey, base rock survey, and groundwater survey to promote research and development related to siting, investigation, construction, and maintenance of structures as well as electric power facilities.
Earthquake Engineering Sector The Earthquake Eengineering Ssector conducts research on earthquake and seismic wave evaluation, earthquake hazard assessment, safety assessment of foundation ground and structures, seismic performance assessment, probabilistic safety assessment, seismic isolation, and vibration control. In addition, it also studies hazard risk assessment, risk control technology, and risk communication.
Structural Engineering Sector The Structural Engineering Sector develops response analysis and safety assessment methods on external loads and environmental effects on steel and reinforced concrete electric power structures, maintenance methods for existing structures, residual life assessment, remote monitoring, nondestructive inspection, new concrete materials, and a long-term performance assessment method for construction materials using applied nano technology.
Fluid Dynamics Sector The Fluid Dynamics Sector conducts experiments, analysis, and assessment relevant to the efficient design of coastal structures for electric power facilities and dam/water channel structures, clarification and assessment of heat flow phenomena in spent fuel storage facilities and power plants, and prediction and hazard mitigation of sea waves, tsunami, rainstorms, and heavy snow.
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Backend Research Center The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Backend Research Center carries out research on decommitioned the underground disposal of high-level and low-level radioactive wastes, disposal and reuse of dismantled waste from the decommissioned reactors, and the transport and storage of spent fuel.