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   The Fluid Dynamics Sector carries out the efficient design of electric power facilities and power generating equipment at hydro and nuclear power plants relating to fluid such as air and water, research and technical development on the mitigation of natural hazards to the electric power facilities.
   Target fluids contain mixed phase flows and two-phase flows with air and water coexisting, electromagnetic fluids such as metallic sodium, fluid behavior of micro-scale such as moisture in concrete' wind noise from transmission lines and noise caused by dam discharge.
   As of April FY 2004, there was a total of 36 items of research including experiments, analysis, and assessment on the efficient design of coastal structures and dam/water channel structures, clarification and assessment of heat flow phenomena at spent fuel storage and power plants, development of prediction methods for natural phenomena such as wave, tsunami, rain storm, heavy snow and hazard mitigation, prediction of heat island phenomena and the assessment of countermeasures and predictions of wind synopsis related to siting, and survey of wind power generation facilities.
   Twenty-one of the above 36 are commissioned research from the power industry, government, universities and academic societies. In addition, we actively conduct external commissioned research.