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   Hybrid Seismic Testing System
Shaking table
   [Installed : March in 2003]
[Summary] This shaking table has a maximum stroke of ±500 mm and a capacity for shaking at an earthquake wave with a pulse velocity amplitude (more than 1 m/s) at a period of about one second, observed at recent huge earthquakes such as Hyogo Prefecture South Area Earthquake, as well as shaking at an arbitrary wave. A control section has a real-time reaction force compensating control mechanism to generate a shaking force to cancel the reaction of a large-scale sample. The shaking table can reproduce correctly acceleration and frequency characteristics of a seismic wave by applying a feedback of acceleration of the shaking table, displacement, and differential pressure, with responding earthquake destruction testing at the higher acceleration.
[Objective] This testing system is intended to conduct full-scale shaking destruction tests of ground foundation and structures by hybrid testiing linking numerical analysis, shaking table and actuators. This verifies seismic performance assessment and achieves high standard applications.
[Specification] Shaking table dimensions : 5m×5m
Loading mass : 60ton
Shaking direction : Horizontal uniaxial
Maximum displacement : ±500mm
Maximum velocity : ±150cm/sec
Maximum acceleration : ±1.0G
Shaking frequency : DC~30Hz
Driving system : Electro-hydraulic servo system