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Laboratory Outline

  In Energy Engineering Research Laboratory (EERL), aiming at highly efficient, low cost and clean utilization of energy resources such as fossil fuels, we are involved in research activities on energy conversion, energy storage, energy utilization, environmental protection, biomass utilization, energy systems, and development of elemental equipment in thermal power plant, diagnosis of plant equipment, and operation and maintenance technologies.

  At EERL, researchers with superior technical and specialist knowledge conduct leading edge R&D, from basic to applied research, covering many different fields of inquiry. These results are presented in the form of reports and technical papers, which then circulate widely in the larger community. In order to use our research budget effectively, we employ a flexible research framework and evaluation system, making every effort to conduct research activities that bring a wider rage of benefits to society through selection and concentration of research themes.

Breakdown of personnel


As of September 1. 2017
(all 65 members.38 doctors included)

Breakdown of researcher's specialization


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