Dialogue with Mr Mizuno, CEO of Chubu Electric Power Company (Jan. 15, 2015)

Date Jan. 15, 2015
Place Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industries
Main Participants
Chubu: Mr. Mizuno (CEO), Mr. Sakaguchi (CNO)
NRRC : Dr. Apostolakis (Head), Dr. Meserve (Executive Advisor)

For the effective dialogue, Dr. Apostolakis and Dr. Meserve visited Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant on Jan. 14, 2015 to see various measures installed for safety improvement and had discussions on the development and utilization status of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA).
In the dialogue on Jan. 15, Mr. Mizuno and Dr. Apostolakis exchanged opinions on the risk management of nuclear operation and primary issues to be solved for effective use of PRA.

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