Dialogue with Mr. Chiba, CEO of the Shikoku Electric Power Company (June 2, 2015)

Date June 2, 2015
Place Headquarters, Shikoku EPCO
Main Participants
Shikoku :Mr. Chiba (CEO), Mr. Kakinoki (CNO)
NRRC :Dr. Apostolakis (Head), Dr. Meserve (Executive Advisor)

Dr. Apostolakis and Dr. Meserve visited the Ikata Nuclear Power Station on June 1, 2015, saw the emergency response room and mobile equipment, and discussed the implementation status of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA).
In the dialogue on June 2, Mr. Chiba and Dr. Apostolakis discussed on face-to-face communication with local community conducted by Shikoku EPCO, risk communication, and safety goals.

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