Dialogue with Mr. Harada, CEO of Tohoku Electric Power Company (Apr. 28, 2016)

Date April 28, 2016
Place Headquarters, Tohoku EPCO
Main Participants
Tohoku :Mr. Harada (CEO), Mr. Watanabe (CNO), Mr. Masuko (Managing Director)
NRRC :Dr. Apostolakis (Head), Dr. Meserve (Executive Advisor)

Dr. Apostolakis and Dr. Meserve visited Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant on April 27, 2016, heard the story of safe shutdowns of three units and also the story of severe damage of local communities, saw the safety enhancement measures of the plant, and discussed the implementation status of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA).
On April 28, Mr. Harada and Dr. Apostolakis discussed on Tohoku EPCO’s risk management process using PRA results and the expectations from the NRRC.

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