Dialogue with Mr. Shimizu, CEO of Chugoku Electric Power Company (August 24, 2016)

Date August 24, 2016
Place Headquarters, Chugoku EPCO
Main Participants
Chugoku : Mr. Shimizu (CEO), Mr. Furubayashi (CNO)
NRRC :Dr. Apostolakis (Head), Dr. Meserve (Executive Advisor)

Dr. Apostolakis and Dr. Meserve visited Shimane Nuclear Power Plant on August 23, 2016. They were informed of the voluntary efforts regarding the improvement of nuclear safety and saw the inside of the containment vessel of Unit 3 now under construction.
On August 24, Mr. Shimizu and Dr. Apostolakis discussed topics such as the industry’s response to inspection reform initiatives proposed by NRA. Mr. Shimizu also stated his expectations from NRRC, such as activities by the RIDM promotion team and the outcome of the PRA pilot programs.

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