Dialogue with Mr. Kobayakawa, CEO of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings(Nov. 7, 2018)

Date November 7, 2018
Place Headquarters, TEPCO Holdings
Main Participant
TEPCO Holdings :Mr. Kobayakawa (CEO), Mr. Makino (CNO)
NRRC :Dr. Apostolakis (Head)

Dr. Apostolakis visited the headquarters of the TEPCO Holdings. Based on the public announcement of the "Strategic and Action Plans for Implementation of Risk Information Utilization at Nuclear Power Plants" by all the nuclear licensees in February 2018, Mr. Kobayakawa and Dr. Apostolakis discussed about the necessity to develop a safety culture in the organizations, the importance of the trial operation of PRA method through the Pilot Projects and examples of practical applications of RIDM in the United States.

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