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Name Ken Furusawa
Current Position Research Scientist
Research Interests Electric power systems


2007.4 Researcher, CRIEPI
2007.3 Ph.D.Engineering, Osaka University


  • K.Furusawa, K.Okada, M.Maruyama, K.Asano and Y.Nagai, "Issues of the tariff design of distribution system charge in European countries", CRIEPI report, Y15024, 2016
  • K.Furusawa and K.Okada, "Issues and Trend of German cross-border balancing mechamism", CRIEPI report, Y14021, 2015
  • K.Furusawa, K.Okada and M.Goto, "Issues of the supply-demand balancing mechanisms in Germany and the U.K.", CRIEPI report, Y13018, 2014
  • M.Goto, K.Furusawa and T. Hattori, "Trends and issues of capacity mechanisms in European countries: Focusing on the proposed capacity market schemes in the UK, France and Germany", CRIEPI report, Y13013, 2014
  • K.Furusawa, "Impacts of high penetration of renewable energy generation on wholesale marketand operation and investment planning of power system in Germany", CRIEPI report, Y12009, 2013
  • K.Furusawa, N.Tagasira and K.Okada, "A survey of evaluation method of supply reliability value of renewable power generation -Capacity value of wind power generation in EU and USA-", CRIEPI report, Y11025, 2012
  • (*)M. Tsutsui, K.Ofuji, H.Goto and K.Furusawa, "Recent Challenges in t he Management of Aging Transmission Facilities in Japanese Electric Power Companies", CRIEPI report, Y09016, 2010 (written in English)
  • K.Furusawa, K.Okada and M.Maruyama, "A Development and Verification of the evaluation program for Multi-area Transmission Congestion", CRIEPI report, Y09001, 2009
  • T. Hattori, M.Endo, K.Ofuji and K.Furusawa, "Issues in the Vitalization of Japan Electric Power Exchange -Analyses of Market data and Surveys of Market Participants' Views-", CRIEPI report, Y08015, 2009
  • K.Furusawa and K.Okada, "Development of the evaluation program of transmission congestion cost -Study of cost reduction effects by transmission line reinforecement-", CRIEPI report, Y07031, 2008


  • The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan(IEEJ)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
  • International Council on Large Electric Systems(CIGRE)


  • C.Brandstatt, G.Brunekreeft, K.Furusawa and T.Hattori, "Distribution planning and pricing in view of increasing shares of intermittent, renewable energy in Germany and Japan",pp8-14 "Challenges and possible solutions in distribution planning", No.20, Bremen Energy Working Papers
  • K.Furusawa and K.Okada, "Framework for Evaluating the Generation Cost and Wind Power Generation Capacity Constarained by Operating Reserve", Powrcon 2012, 232, Auckland(New Zealand), October, 2012
  • K.Furusawa and K.Okada, "The study of operating reserve management corresponding wind power generators in power systems", ICEE 2011, A-0314, HongKong(China), July, 2011
  • K.Furusawa and K.Okada, "Evaluation of Transmission Congestion Cost for Multi-area Electric Power Systems", CIGRE 2009 symposium, 133, Guilin(China), October, 2009
  • T.Hattori, K.Ofuji, M.Endo and K.Furusawa, "A Questionnaire Survey of Market Participants' Views on Vitalization of the Japan Electric Power Exchange", Conference Proceedings of the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Desciplines, Memphis Tennessee, Oct 22-25, Vol.6, No.3, 513-527
  • K.Furusawa, K.Okada and H.Asano, "A Method of Evaluating Transmission Network Expansion Plan Considering Security Constraints and Supply Reliability Index", PSCE2009, 09PSCE0011, Seatle(USA), March, 2009


  • May 2014, 2014 Asia Oceania Regional Council(AORC) regional council of CIGRE technical committee local member
  • November 2014, International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distrubuted Energy Resources 2014 (IRED2014) domestic committee
  • February 2008 - , CIGRE C-5(market and regulation) domestic committee secratary
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