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Name Hisanori Goto
Current Position Research Scientist
Research Interests Electricity market reform, Marketing and innovation in electric power industry, Consumer behavior in energy sector


2009.8- Research Scientist, Socio-economic Research Center, CRIEPI.
2005.4 Researcher, Socio-economic Research Center, CRIEPI.
2005.3 M.Eng., The University of Tokyo.
2003.3 B.Eng., The University of Tokyo.


  • Hisanori Goto (2014), "An Analysis on Residential Customers' Choice Behaviors of Electricity Tariffs: Focusing on Flat tariffs and Time-of-Use Tariffs", 14th IAEE European Energy Conference.
  • Hisanori Goto (2012), "An Empirical Analysis on Impact of Time-of-Use Rate on Household Electricity Saving Behaviour under Power Shortage and Diffusion Potential of Time-of-Use Rate", 12th IAEE European Energy Conference.
  • Hisanori Goto, Mika Goto and Toshiyuki Sueyoshi (2011), "Consumer choice on ecologically efficient water heaters: Marketing strategy and policy implications in Japan", Energy Economics, 33(2), 195-208, March 2011.
  • Hisanori Goto and Toshio Ariu (2009), "An Analysis of Residential Customers' Preferences for Household Energy Systems", 10th IAEE European Conference.


  • Toshio Ariu, Philip E. Lewis, Hisanori Goto, Christophe Dromacque, and Sean Brennan (2012), "Impacts and Lessons from the Fully Liberalized European Electricity Market -Residential Customer Price, Switching and Services", CRIEPI REPORT, Y11018.
  • Toshio Ariu, Philip E. Lewis, Hisanori Goto, Daria Golubkina (2011), "European Energy Consumer Attitudes and Company Strategies towards the Low Carbon Society", CRIEPI REPORT, Y10002.
  • Miki Tsutsui, Kenta Ofuji, Hisanori Goto, and Ken Furusawa (2010), "Recent Challenges in the Management of Aging Transmission Facilities in Japanese Electric Power Companies", CRIEPI REPORT, Y09016.
  • Toshio Ariu, Philip E. Lewis, Hisanori Goto, Christophe Dromacque, and Jessica Stroembaeck (2009), "Electricity Market Reforms in the Nordic Countries - Historical Evolution and Differences in Customer Choice Behavior -", CRIEPI REPORT, Y08036.
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