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Name Tomohiro Inoue
Current Position Research Scientist, Utility Policy and Economic Analysis
Research Interests financial analysis, fiscal science
e-mail t-inoue(at)

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2014.11 Ph.D. in Economics from Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University
2005.3 M.A. in Economics from Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University
2003.3 B.A. in Economics from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University


  • Tomohiro Inoue (2016) "The effects of transmission divestiture on German electric companies," Y15006.
  • Tomohiro Inoue and Mika Goto (2013) "An assessment of unbundling of US electric utilities -From the viewpoint of generation efficiency and electricity rate-," Y12007.
  • Mika Goto, Tomohiro Inoue, Kumi Masuoka and Ryuji Oea (2013) "Financial performances and organizational structures of US electric utilities -Effects of sales ratio between regulated and non-regulated businesses-," Y12019.
  • Mika Goto and Tomohiro Inoue (2012) "Economic analysis of structural reforms of electricity industry -Investigation of cost structure of Japanese electricity-," Y11009.


  • Mika Goto, Tomohiro Inoue and Toshiyuki Sueyoshi (2013) "Structural reform of Japanese electric power industry: Separation between generation and transmission & distribution," Energy Policy 56, 186-200.
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