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Name Osamu Kimura
Current Position Researcher
Research Interests Policy studies on climate change mitigation, energy technology, and energy efficiency
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2007(-present) Researcher, Socio-economic Research Center, CRIEPI.
2015 Ph.D., Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo.
Thesis tile: Impact of public policy on commercialization and deployment of new technology - Case study of energy technology R&D programs.
2013 Visiting Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan University.
2004-2005 Visiting Researcher, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria.
2002-2006 Research Associate, Socio-economic Research Center, CRIEPI.
2002 MSc in Science and Technology Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.
2000 BSc in System Science, Department of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.



  • Kimura, O., Ueno, T., Wakabayashi, M., 2017, Implicit carbon price: A better metric than explicit carbon price? CRIEPI Report Y16002.
  • Kimura, O., 2016, Government programs for climate change mitigation in Japan: an analysis based on public budget documents and Government Project Review Sheets, CRIEPI Report Y15018.
  • Kimura, O., K. Ofuji , 2015, Persistency of electricity savings in firms after the Great East Japan Earthquake: 2014 update, CRIEPI Report Y14013.
  • Kimura, O., Ofuji, K., 2014, Additionality and cost effectiveness of subsidy programs for energy efficiency - A case study of NEDO programs -, CRIEPI Report Y13028.
  • Kimura, O., 2014, Persistency of electricity savings in firms after the Great East Japan Earthquake - Analysis based on three years questionnaire surveys -, CRIEPI Report Y13014.
  • Kimura, O., Nishio, K., 2013, Persistency of electricity savings in firms after the Great East Japan Earthquake - Comparison of the 2011 and 2012 surveys, CRIEPI Report Y12023.
  • Kimura, O., et al., Questionnaire survey on firms' activities to save electricity in the summer of 2011 - Focusing on results from eastern Japan, CRIEPI Report Y12002.
  • Kimura, O.,Himei, H., How Japanese supermarkets saved electricity in the summer of 2011, CRIEPI Report Y11034.
  • Kimura, O., et al., Effectiveness of regulation as a climate policy instrument: Case of informational/educational approach by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, CRIEPI Report Y10027.
  • Himei, H., Kimura, O., Energy efficiency activities in service sector in Japan: A case study of pachinko industry, CRIEPI Report Y10036.
  • Kimura, O., Noda, F., Effectiveness of regulations on firms by Japanese Energy Conservation Law, CRIEPI Report Y09010.
  • Kimura, O., Noda, F., 2010, Effectiveness of Energy Audit Programs in Japan, CRIEPI Report Y09009.
  • Kimura, O.,2009, Barriers to energy efficiency in the Japanese industry - Case studies of boilers, furnaces and motor-driven systems, CRIEPI Report Y08045.
  • Kimura, O., 2008, Why is the solar thermal system diffusion declining in Japan? CRIEPI Report Y08002.
  • Kimura, O.,2008, How public R&D programs bring technology to the market: A case study of energy efficiency technology programs in thermal energy utilization, CRIEPI Report Y07040.
  • Kimura, O., Kajiki, S., 2008, Revisiting the Advanced Gas Turbine Project - Retrospective evaluation of its impacts on gas turbine development in Japan, CRIEPI Report Y07009.
  • Kimura, O., et al., 2007, Analysis of government-sponsored energy R&D projects: Lessons from Sunshine, Moonlight, and New-Sunshine Programs, CRIEPI Report Y06019.
  • Kimura, O., 2006, A review of ex post analysis on the effectiveness of technology policies, CRIEPI Report Y05029.


  • Contributing Author for Chapter 15: National and Sub-National Policies and Institutions, IPCC Fifth Assessment Report of Working Group III, 2011-2014.
  • Member of IEA-IETS Annex XVI “Energy efficiency in SMEs” , 2012-2014.
  • Contributing Author for Chapter 24: Policies for the Energy Technology Innovation System, Global Energy Assessment, 2009-2012.
  • Member of ECEEE (European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy)
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