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Name Masahito Takahashi
Current Position Senior research scientist
Research Interests Demand response, Energy efficiency, Energy demand analysis,
Energy systems analysis for technology assessment, Power generation mix model
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2016- Energy Innovation Center, CRIEPI
1995- Research scientist, Socio-economic Research Center, CRIEPI
1994 Master of Science in Physics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Bachelor of Science in Physics, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan


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  • Takayama,M.,Takahashi,M., Kato,R., Yamaguchi,J., Estimation of Power Generating Cost Reduction by Introduction o Demand Response Program in Japan,CRIEPI report, Y10021,2010
  • Takahashi,M., Study on Appliance Choice Model Using Actual Sales Data -The Case of Japanese Refrigerator Market in FY2008-2009-, CRIEPI report, Y10022,2010
  • Takahashi,M., Asano,H.,Analysis of Long-term CO2 Emission Reduction Potential and Final Energy Demand Structure in the Japanese Commercial Building Sector by a Bottom-up End-use Energy Demand Model,CRIEPI report, Y07039, 2007
  • Asano,H.,Takahashi,M., Nishio,K.,Impacts of Large-scale Penetration of Cogeneration Systems and Heat Pump Water Heaters through Generation Mix on CO2 Emission in Japan, CRIEPI report, Y05014, 2005
  • Takahashi,M., Asano,H., Nagata,Y., Development of integrated resource planning model and its application to penetration program of thremal storage air-conditioning system,CRIEPI report, Y97021, 1997


  • Takahashi,M., Kaneda,A., Bando,S., A Potential Analysis of Reserve-type Demand Response in Japanese Industrial and Commercial Sectors,Journal of Japan Society of Energy and Resources, Vol. 37, No. 5, (2016)
  • Takahashi,M., Ueno,T., Bando,S.,Kurosaki,A., Koyanagi,T., Noma,T., Field Experiment of Demand Responsive Load Control in Office Buildings in Summer and Winter: Analysis of Load Reduction Impact and Customers' Acceptance,IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy, Vol. 134 (2014) No. 8 P 702-715
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  • Takahashi,M., Asano, An Assessment Study of Energy Efficiency Policy Measures for Japanese Commercial Sector, IAEE, Energy Journal, Volume 32, Special issue, (2011)
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