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Name Yutaka Nagata
Current Position Deputy Associate Vice President
Research Interests Energy Systems Analysis, Technology Assessment


2000.4-2011.3 Visiting Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1996.5-1999.3 Associate Professor, Kyoto University
1991.10-1992.9 Visiting Scholar in Stanford University
1987.4 Joined in CRIEPI
1987.3 Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1985.3 Bachelor of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology


  • The Japanese Power System and the Future after Fukushima, Japan-Norway Energy Science Week 2015, Tokyo, 2015
  • Viewpoints of the Energy Choice in Japan, The 22d World Energy Congress 2013, Daegu, 2013
  • The Changes in Energy Technologies for Long-term CO2 Emission Reduction in Japan under Nuclear Stagnation, The 36th IAEE International Conference, Daegu, 2013
  • Regional Differences in the Choice of Energy Technologies for Long-Term CO2 Emission Reduction in Japan, The 35th IAEE International Conference, Perth, 2012
  • Regional Energy Modeling for Long-term CO2 Emission Reduction in Japan, The 30th International Energy Workshop, Stanford, 2011
  • Top-down vs. Bottom-up Models: How to Combine Them to Evaluate the Cost of Mid-term CO2 Emission Reduction, The 29th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference, Calgary, 2010
  • Role and Challenges of Electricity R&D for Japan's Low Carbon Future, The 9th IERE General Meeting and The IERE-ICEMENERG Central & East Europe Forum, Bucharest, 2009
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction from Electricity Sector in Japan for 2050: The Benefit of Technology R&D, ATSE International Workshop "Electricity Generation - Accelerating Technological Change", Melbourne, 2009
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction from Electricity Sector in Japan for 2050: Assessment of Technology Portfolio, International Symposium of Climate Change and Global Sustainability, Potsdam, 2008
  • The Cost to Build a Less CO2 Society for Japan, The 31st IAEE International Conference, Istanbul, 2008
  • The Role of Hydrogen to Build a less CO2 Society for Japan, The 9th IAEE European Energy Conference, Florence, 2007
  • Energy Efficiency Standards for Japanese Appliances, ACEEE 2006 Summer Study, Pacific Grove, 2006
  • The Impacts of Decreasing CO2 Emission by Changing Tax System in Japan, The 2d East Asian Symposium on Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, Seoul, 2006
  • Quantitative Analysis of CO2 Emission Reduction by Introducing Stationary Type PEM-FC Systems in Japan, Energy, 30(14), 2636-2653, 2005
  • Long-term Analysis of Global CO2 Emission Reduction by Efficient Technologies, International Energy Workshop 2005, Kyoto,2005
  • Analysis of the Cost Structure of LNG-based Municipal Gas Utilities in Japan, The 28th IAEE International Conference, Taipei, 2005
  • Analysis of Distributed Energy Supplying Technologies from the Viewpoint of Waste Heat; American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Summer Study 2004, Pacific Grove, 2004
  • Quantitative Analysis of CO2 Emissions Reductions through Introduction of Stationary Type PEM-FC Systems in Japan; International Energy Workshop 2003, Laxenburg, Austria, 2003
  • A Forecast of Energy Demand in Japan Considering Asymmetric Price Energy Studies Review, 10(1), 17-26, 2001
  • Economic Analysis of Electric-drive Vehicles as Distributed Power Resources in California; The 22d Annual North American Conference of the USAEE/IAEE, Vancouver, 2002


  • Japan Society of Energy and Resources
  • Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
  • International Association for Energy Economics
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