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Name Madoka Sawabe (Madoka Saegusa)
Current Position Research Economist
Research Interests Industrial Organization, Regulatory Economics, Competition Policy
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2014 PhD., Business & Commerce, Keio University

◆Research Report

  • Madoka Sawabe (2014)., “A Survey of Ofgem's Review of the Electricity Retail Market Competition in Great Britain”, Criepi Research Report, Y13005.
  • Madoka Sawabe (2013)., “The Method of Merger Review for Electric Utilities in the United States”, Criepi Research Report, Y12014.
  • Madoka Saegusa and Toru Hattori (2012)., “Does the Virtual Divestiture Work as a Way to Mitigate Market Power?”, Criepi Research Report, Y12003.
  • Madoka Saegusa and Toru Hattori (2011)., “Issues in Incentive Regulation for Electricity Network in Germany - Potential Impact on Capital Investment for Low-Carbon Society -”, Criepi Research Report, Y10032.


  • The Japan Society of Public Utility Economics
  • The Japan Economic Policy Association
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