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Name Toru Hattori
Current Position Leader, Utilities Policy and Economic Analysis, Deputy Associate Vice President
Research Interests Economics of Regulation, Applied Econometrics


2006.8-present Adjunct Faculty, Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University.
2005.10-present Adjunct Faculty, Asian Public Policy Program, School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University.
2000.7-2001.6 Visiting Scholar, National Regulatory Research Institute, Ohio State University.
2010.3 Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Tsukuba.
1996.3 M.A., Public Administration, International Christian University.
1993.3 B.A., Social Science, International Christian University.


  • Toru Hattori (2010). "Determinants of the Number of Bidders in the Competitive Procurement of Electricity Supply Contracts in the Japanese Public Sector," Energy Economics, 32 (6), 1299-1305.
  • Toru Hattori, Tooraj Jamasb, and Michael Pollitt (2005) "Electricity Distribution in the UK and Japan: A Comparative Efficiency Analysis," Energy Journal, 26 (2), 23-47.
  • Toru Hattori and Miki Tsutsui (2004) "Economic Impact of Regulatory Reforms in the Electricity Supply Industry: A Panel Data Analysis for OECD Countries," Energy Policy, 32, 823-832.
  • Toru Hattori (2002) "Relative Performance of U.S. and Japanese Electricity Distribution-An Application of Stochastic Frontier Analysis-," Journal of Productivity Analysis, 18, 269-284.
  • Toru Hattori (2002) "Regulatory Reform of the Electricity Industry in Japan: An Overview of the Process," in Berg, S.V., M.G. Pollitt and M. Tsuji (eds.) Private Initiative in Infrastructure: Priorities, Incentives and Performance, Edward Elgar, 46-63.


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