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Name Tagashira, Naoto
Current Position Deputy Director, Socio-Economic Research Center; Leader, Energy Systems Analysis;
Research Interests Energy Systems Analysis.


2016.4(-present) as above.
2015.4 Leader, Energy Systems Analysis.
2014.4 Leader, Economic and Social Systems.
2010.7 Senior Research Engineer, Socioeconomic Research Center.
1998.5 Dr. Eng., University of Tokyo.
1992.4 Research Associate, CRIEPI.
1992.3 M.A., Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo.
1990.3 B.A., Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo.


  • Takagi, M. and Tagashira, N., A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Reactive Power Compensator Combining Multiple Voltage Stabilization Measures with Large-scale Penetration of PV Systems, Y15007, 2016.
  • Tagashira, N. and Takagi, M., An Estimation of Electric Vehicle Load Profiles in Service Areas of Ten Electric Power Companies in Japan, Y13009, 2014.
  • Takagi, M. and Tagashira, N., Effective Measures for Load Leveling of Electric Vehicle Charging during Nighttime, Y12005, 2013.
  • Tagashira, N., Ikeya, T., Tsuchiya, Y. and Baba, K., Public Attitude toward Vehicle-to-home Systems and Home-use Storage Batteries, Y11021, 2012.
  • Tagashira, N. and Okada, K.,The European Support Policies for Production of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources: Costs and their Shift Schemes to Consumers, Y08011, 2009.
  • Tagashira, N. and Nishio, K., A Review of Overseas Policies to Support Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources: Targets and their Rate Impacts, Y06012, 2007.
  • Tagashira, N. and Baba, K., Residential Customers’ Attitudes toward Energy Based Green Power Program Design, Y05016, 2006.
  • Tagashira, N., Effects of Spatial Structure of a City with District Heating and Cooling and Photovoltaic Systems on CO2 Emission Reduction, Y02015, 2003.


  • The City of Planning Institute of Japan.
  • Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
  • GIS Association of Japan.
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