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Name Hiroshi Taguchi
Current Position Research Economist
Research Interests Regional Economics, Input-Output Analysis
e-mail htaguchi(at)

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2008-present Researcher, Socio-economic Research Center, CRIEPI.


  • Compilation of Interregional Energy SAM of Japan for Environmental Tax Policy Evaluation,2011
  • Spatial CGE Model for Analyzing Impact of Carbon Tax Imposition on Regional Economies of Japan,2011

◆Discussion Paper

  • H.Taguchi,P.Banditsakulchai(2010), "Measuring the Regional Welfare Change Resulting from Levying Carbon Tax on Japanese Economy using AIDS model", Paper presented at 57th North American Meetings of the RSAI, 2010
  • H.Taguchi,P.Banditsakulchai(2009), "The Environmental Impact of Modal Shift in Japan - Evaluation by Multi-regional Input-Output Model”, Paper presented 56th North American Meetings of the RSAI
  • H.Taguchi,P.Banditsakulchai(2008), "Comparative Study on Bi-proportional Walrasian and Marshallian REIMs", Paper presented 55th North American Meetings of the RSAI
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