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The issue of global climate change is one of the biggest challenges imposed on the mankind of 21st century. The role of electricity will be increased as an effective measure to prevent the global warming. The CRIEPI sets our mission to "the challenging to global climate change" and "the assuring of energy security", and forces our research activities of eight laboratories on realization of low carbon society.

The System Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL) is conducting the following researches to achieve the above CRIEPI's mission.

  • Research on power systems to support stable power supply, and safe, comfortable and efficient energy utilization.
  • Research on next generation power grid which is reliable and affordable to integrate large amount of renewable generation.
  • Research on information and communication technologies to support next generation grid.
  • Research on end-use technologies

With strengthening and the development of basic technologies to lead these fields, we intend to contribute through research activities to electric utilities and the society, with having effective collaboration among eight laboratories and exerting total power.

June, 2013

Toshio Inoue

Director, System Engineering Research Laboratory

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