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Intelligent Radio Measurement Vehicle (ARM)


CRIEPI has developed an intelligent radio measurement vehicle, dubbed "ARM" (abbreviation for "analyze, run, and measure"), capable of simultaneous measurement and analysis for measuring and assessing radio wave propagation characteristics.

On-the-spot Analysis
ARM is equipped with predictive tool -- developed by CRIEPI -- and is combined with a state-of-the art measurement system. These are integrated via an on-board LAN to create an ideal measuring environment. Two predictive tools are currently carried -- one to estimate the effect of power lines on digital broadcast transmissions and the other to estimate the strength of reception of digital mobile radio communications. The predicted and measured values can be compared and analyzed on the spot, thus considerably improving efficiency.

Digital Broadcast Measurement Functions
In addition to a spectral analyzer and other general-purpose measuring equipment, ARM is specially equipped to measure characteristics of terrestrial digital TV broadcasts (scheduled for launch in 2003), such as the coding error rate and field of reception.

Full Range of Basic Capabilities
In addition to a computer for automatic measurement and on-board LAN, ARM boasts a complete range of basic capabilities, including visual confirmation of the direction of reception by video camera, a long telescopic pole (extendable to a maximum of 13 m), spacious work space and shelf space for measuring equipment, jacks, pole remote control and safety devices, and an NMG generator.

Suitable for Multi-purpose Use
ARM can be used for a variety of outdoor measuring operations, including measurement of the electromagnetic environment and landscape measurement.


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