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Automatic Document Sorting Software (Topic Watcher)


In order to improve marketing and business operations, CRIEPI has developed an automatic document sorter dubbed "Topic Watcher." It identifies important topics among vast quantities of text (e.g., on customer opinions and needs.) steadily accumulated by companies via call centers and in-house information centers and enables closely related topics to be easily found. The three main functions of Topic Watcher are as follows:

  • Automatic topic identification: Documents are automatically classified and sorted into groups of similar documents that differ as far as possible from documents in other groups.
  • Automatic recommendation of important topics: Topics that appear significant from various aspects (such as "new topics" and "key topics") are selected and proposed.
  • Presentation of related information: Other topics and documents closely related to a given topic are identified.

By simply glancing over the data sorted by the system, users can easily ascertain vital information and information on related topics, such as key topics and new topics. This software can thus be applied to uses such as efficient identification of customer opinions and needs and analysis of technical data.

This system is supplied as software.


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