論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
光合成研究 "NAD World"から見た光合成?電子受容体NADP+はどこから来る? 橋田 慎之介 2020.12
大気環境学会誌 OVID-19に伴う中国のロックダウン時のPM2.5越境輸送の変容 板橋 秀一 2020.12
Sustainable Energy Technologies & Assessments Energy payback time analysis and return on investment of off-grid photoboltaic systems in rural areas of Tanzania 土屋 陽子 2020.12
Research in Microbiology Microbial community composition in iron deposits and manganese crusts formed in riverine environments around the Aso area in Japan 平野 伸一 2020.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 2016年より更新された伊勢湾における海洋レーダで得られた流速の精度検討 坪野 孝樹 2020.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 自由噴流と沿岸流の干渉作用が漂砂移動に及ぼす影響 〜発電所放水流を用いた検討〜 吉井 匠 2020.10
Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment Emissions of volatile organic compounds from a hen shed in Japan 田中 伸幸 2020.09
Hydrometallurgy The role of bioleaching microorganisms in saline water leaching of chalcopyrite concentrate 野口 晴生 2020.08
Climatic Change The role of advanced end-use technologies in long-term climate change mitigation: the interlinkage between primary bioenergy and energy end-use 筒井 純一 2020.08
Brain Research The response of the neuronal activity in the somatosensory cortex after high-intensity intermediate-frequency magnetic field exposure to the spinal cord in rats under anesthesia and waking states 齋藤 淳史 2020.08
Climate Dynamics Rain-on-Snow events in Japan as projected by a large ensemble of regional climate simulations 大庭 雅道 2020.08
Scientific Reports, 10, 11421 Characterization of cesium-bearing microparticles emitted from the Unit 1 of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant by multiple synchrotron radiation analyses: Difference between two types of cesium-bearing microparticles 三浦 輝 2020.07
Science of the Total Environment Enhancing pyromorphite formation in lead-contaminated soils by improving soil physical parameters using hydroxyapatite treatment 小川 翔平 2020.07
沿岸域学会誌, Vol.33, 69-73 新潟県北部沿岸のウミネコLarus crassirostris の営巣状況 白井 正樹 2020.06
Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology Microbial community dynamics in a crust formed on carbon steel SS400 during corrosion 平野 伸一 2020.06
Atmosphere Model Performance Differences in Fine-Mode Nitrate Aerosol during Wintertime over Japan in the J-STREAM Model Inter-Comparison Study 板橋 秀一 2020.05
Analytical Sciences Simplified Mercury Extraction from Coal Fly Ash for Quantification of Total Mercury by ELISA-based Immunoassay 伊達 安基 2020.04
Geophys. Res. Lett., Vol.47, No.3 Future Reductions in Polar Cold Air Mass and Cold Air Outbreaks Revealed From Isentropic Analysis 菅野 湧貴 2020.02
Geophysical Research Letters Diagnosing Transient Response to CO2 Forcing in Coupled Atmosphere‐Ocean Model Experiments Using a Climate Model Emulator 筒井 純一 2020.02
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Reconstruction of radiocesium levels in sediment off Fukushima: Simulation analysis of bioavailability using parameters derived from observed 137Cs concentrations 立田 穣 2020.02
Climate Dynamics Impacts of climate change on heavy wet snowfall in Japan 大庭 雅道 2020.02


論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
Chemistry Letters Amidines as Effective Ancillary Ligands in Copper-catalyzed Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide 亘理 龍 2019.12
Environmental Research Letters Inverse estimation of NOx emissions over China and India 2005?2016: contrasting recent trends and future perspectives 板橋 秀一 2019.11
PLOS ONE Seasonal alternation of the ontogenetic development of the moon jellyfish Aurelia coerulea in Maizuru Bay, Japan 鈴木 健太郎 2019.11
Stem Cell Research Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell line, IMSUTi002-A-1, harboring the leukemia-specific fusion gene ETV6-RUNX1 高橋 正行 2019.10
Atmosphere Differences in Model Performance and Source Sensitivities for Sulfate Aerosol Resulting from Updates of the Aqueous- and Gas-Phase Oxidation Pathways for a Winter Pollution Episode in Tokyo, Japan 板橋 秀一 2019.09
Solar Energy Prediction of time series for several hours of surface solar irradiance using one-granule cloud property data from satellite observations 渡邊 武志 2019.06
Fuel Process. Technol. Extraction techniques in sustainable biofuel production: A concise review 李 鵬 2019.06
空気調和・衛生工学会論文集 等温噴流場におけるRANS 乱流モデルの予測精度の検証 後藤 和恭 2019.05
Bioelectromagnetics Carcinogenicity of intermediate frequency magnetic field in Tg.rasH2 mice 西村 泉 2019.05
Aquatic Toxicology Oxidative stress response of caddisfly Stenopsyche marmorata larvae to abrupt hypoxia-normoxia shift 鈴木 準平 2019.04
Bio-protocol Detection of disulfides in protein extracts of Arabidopsis thaliana using monobromobimane (mBB) 橋田 慎之介 2019.03
Aerosol Air Qual. Res Sources of high sulfate aerosol concentration observed at Cape Hedo in spring 2012 板橋 秀一 2019.03
J. Environ. Radioact. A through year behavior of 137Cs in a Japanese flowering cherry tree in relation to that of potassium 吉原 利一 2019.02
植生学会誌 自然環境保全基礎調査植生調査データにもとづく準絶滅危惧種69種の生育環境類型化 阿部 聖哉 2019.02


論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
Atmosphere Model performance differences in sulfate aerosol in winter over Japan based on regional chemical transport models of CMAQ and CAMx 板橋 秀一 2018.12
魚類学雑誌 水槽で観察したアユなわばりの垂直距離と水平距離 本田 晴朗 2018.11
保全生態学研究 千葉市若葉区北部の谷津環境でのニホンアカガエルの遺伝的構造と遺伝的交流の状況の評価 小林 聡 2018.11
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Sunlight caused interference in outdoor N, N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine colorimetric measurement for residual chlorine and the solution for on-site work 李 鵬 2018.11
J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. Predictability of characteristics of temporal variation in surface solar irradiance using cloud properties derived from satellite observations 渡邊 武志 2018.11
Physics of Fluids Oxygen transfer from bubble-plumes 新井田 靖郎 2018.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) UAVに搭載したサーモグラフィによる海洋表層の密度噴流計測 新井田 靖郎 2018.11
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 沿岸域の選択取水問題への3次元数値モデルの適用 新井田 靖郎 2018.11
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 海洋レーダの視線流速を活用した4 次元変分法による沿岸近傍の流動場推定 岡田 輝久 2018.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) レーダにより観測された伊勢湾のM2 分潮成分を再現する領域海洋モデルのパラメータ推定 坪野 考樹 2018.11
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) グリーン関数法およびデルタ法を用いたM2 分潮による伊勢湾湾口の通過断面流量の推定 坪野 考樹 2018.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 小標本データをもとにベイズ型情報量基準を用いた津波建物被害率の推定 池野 正明 2018.11
Atmosphere Medium-range probabilistic forecasts of wind power generation and ramps in Japan based on a hybrid ensemble 大庭 雅道 2018.10
材料と環境 日本国内における鉄鋼や亜鉛の大気暴露試験データに対するドーズレスポンス関数の適用性評価 大原 信 2018.10
Asian J. Org. Chem Copper catalysts unleashing the potential for hydrogenation of carbon-oxygen bond 亘理 龍 2018.10
ペストロジー 横須賀市におけるフン害発生地点のサギ類の飛来パターン 白井 正樹 2018.09
水文・水資源学会誌 樹冠上部からの散水による表面流および表土侵食の時系列変化 若松 孝志 2018.09
Heliyon Development of a novel non-contact and quick-response detector for boron in coal fly ash based on thermal neutron absorptiometry 正木 浩幸 2018.09
Climate Dynamics Differences in climate change impacts between weather patterns: possible effects on spatial heterogeneous changes in future extreme rainfall 大庭 雅道 2018.08
Integrative Biology Real-time detection of stimulus response in cultured neurons by high-intensity intermediate-frequency magnetic field exposure 齋藤 淳史 2018.08
Plant Journal Ferredoxin/thioredoxin system plays an important role in the chloroplastic NADP status of Arabidopsis 橋田 慎之介 2018.06
Marine Geology Tsunami inundation, sediment transport, and deposition process of tsunami deposits on coastal lowland inferred from the Tsunami Sand Transport Laboratory Experiment 吉井 匠 2018.05
Atmosphere Refinement for the modeled aqueous-phase sulfate production of metal-catalyzed Fe and Mn oxidation pathway 板橋 秀一 2018.04
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics A 15-year record (2001-2015) of the ratio of nitrate to non-sea-salt sulfate in precipitation over East Asia 板橋 秀一 2018.04
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Toward synchronous evaluation of source apportionments for atmospheric concentration and deposition of sulfate aerosol over East Asia 板橋 秀一 2018.04
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 温排水拡散域評価のための新たな環境水温場推定手法の提案 坂井 伸一 2018.03
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 3次元モデルによる取水実験計算のグリーン関数法を用いたSpin-up時間短縮化の検討 坪野 考樹 2018.03
Science of the Total Environment Effects of water turbidity and different temperatures on oxidative stress in caddisfly (Stenopsyche marmorata) larvae 鈴木 準平 2018.03
Frontiers in Physiology Response of cultured neuronal network activity after high-intensity power frequency magnetic field exposure 齋藤 淳史 2018.03
Current Herpetology Fine-scale genetic structure and estimation of gene flow of Japanese brown frog Rana japonica in a satoyama landscape on the west side of Inba Lake, Eastern Japan 小林 聡 2018.03
環境アセスメント学会誌 干潟におけるカニ食鳥類のヤマトオサガニの生息地適性指数モデルを用いた生息環境評価手法 中根 幸則 2018.03
Bioresource Technology Analysis of a bio-electrochemical reactor containing carbon fiber textiles for the anaerobic digestion of tomato plant residues 平野 伸一 2018.03
Marine Ecology Progress Series Mechanisms underlying the heterogeneous distribution of moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita s.l. across a sharp pycnocline 鈴木 健太郎 2018.01


論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
保全生態学研究 鳥類衝突リスクモデルによる風力発電の影響評価の課題 竹内 亨 2017.12
ChemCatChem Distinct promotive effects of 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene (DBU) on polymer supports in copper-catalyzed hydrogenation of C=O bonds 亘理 龍 2017.12
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 若狭湾東部における海洋レーダで得られた流速を用いた日本海西部の領域海洋モデルの再現性 坪野 考樹 2017.11
地球環境研究論文集 異なる林相を有する山地渓流域における粒状有機物輸送量の変動 鈴木 準平 2017.10
Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry Electrochemically applied potentials induce growth and metabolic shift changes in the hyperthermophilic bacterium Thermotoga maritima MSB8 平野 伸一 2017.10
日本プランクトン学会報 日本沿岸4海域におけるミズクラゲ集群の鉛直分布に及ぼす水塊構造の影響 鈴木 健太郎 2017.08
Aerosol and Air Quality Research Model estimation on the sources of sulfate aerosols collected at Cape Hedo during intensive campaign in October-November, 2015 板橋 秀一 2017.08
環境アセスメント学会誌 自然環境保全基礎調査データを用いた種分布モデルの計画段階環境配慮書 への適用可能性−トウキョウサンショウウオを対象としたケーススタディ− 阿部 聖哉 2017.08
Acta Hort. Comparison of Energy Consumption and Tomato Yield and Quality from Greenhouses Heated by an Oil Heater or an Air-Source Heat Pump 後藤 文之 2017.07
電気設備学会誌 配電設備での鳥類巣材撤去数の地域性と全国における撤去数推定 白井 正樹 2017.06
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Nitrate transboundary heavy pollution over East Asia in winter 板橋 秀一 2017.03
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 遠州灘東部海域の表層流動パターン特性 坂井 伸一 2017.03
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 沿岸域に放水される負の浮力を持つ密度噴流の3次元数値モデル 新井田 靖郎 2017.03
水環境学会誌 銅合金製ストレーナーによるカワヒバリガイ除去効果に関する検討 小林 卓也 2017.03
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Estimation of the radiation dose equivalent for the hypothetical submergence of a sea-transport package of low-level radioactive waste 津旨 大輔 2017.03
The Journal of Toxicological Sciences Evaluation of the effects of power-frequency magnetic fields on the electrical activity of cardiomyocytes differentiated from human induced pluripotent stem cells 高橋 正行 2017.03
Invertebrate Reproduction and Development Reproduction and larval developmental stages of the freshwater mussel Limnoperna fortunei at three sites in a temperate reservoir 中野 大助 2017.02
大気環境学会誌 2010年度を対象としたトレーサー法によるわが国の微小粒子状物質(PM2.5)の発生源寄与評価 板橋 秀一 2017.01
大気環境学会誌 地熱発電所から排出される硫化水素の大気拡散予測のための数値モデル開発 小野 浩己 2017.01
海の研究 鉄を含めた海洋物質循環モデルの現状と課題 三角 和弘 2017.01
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 東京湾のクラゲのシミュレーションにおける水質の影響に関する数値実験 仲敷 憲和 2017.01
土木学会論文集B1(水工学) 潮汐計算モデルのパラメータ推定における再利用グリーン関数法の適用性 坪野 考樹 2017.01
水工学論文集 粒径推定手法を用いた耳川における細粒土砂輸送特性の把握 鈴木 準平 2017.01


論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
Environmental Pollution Chinese province-scale source apportionments for sulfate aerosol in 2005 evaluated by the tagged tracer method 板橋 秀一 2016.11
Coastal Engineering Journal Improvement of collision force formula for woody debris by airborne and hydraulic experiments 池野 正明 2016.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 遠州灘東岸域を対象としたVHF帯海洋レーダ観測による津波検知に関する考察 坂井 伸一 2016.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 伊勢湾の海洋レーダで得られた流速の精度評価法の検討 坪野 考樹 2016.11
Climatic Change Quantification of temperature response to CO2 forcing in atmosphere-ocean general circulation models 筒井 純一 2016.11
Fuel Processing Technology Pelletization of brown coal and rice bran in Indonesia: Characteristics of the mixture pellets including safety during transportation 土屋 陽子 2016.11
Sessile Organisms DPD法での海水中の残留塩素測定における珪藻Coscinodiscus wailesiiの存在による計測妨害 芳村 毅 2016.11
Journal of Botanical Sciences Monitoring of Seasonal Variations in Radiocesium from the Fukushima Accident in Litterfall of Four Broad-Leaf Tree Species and its Correlation with Variation in Potassium 吉原 利一 2016.10
Fisheries Science Incidental consumption of ephyrae of moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita s.l. by three filter-feeding sessile organisms: laboratory experiments 鈴木 健太郎 2016.10
Biosensors and Bioelectronics Non-conductive and miniature fiber-optic imaging system for real-time detection of neuronal activity in time-varying electromagnetic fields 齋藤 淳史 2016.09
Plant and Cell Physiology Increased rate of NAD metabolism shortens plant longevity by accelerating developmental senescence in Arabidopsis 橋田 慎之介 2016.09
Jouranal of Environmental Radioactivity Radiocesium contamination in living and dead foliar parts of Japanese cedar during 2011−2015 吉原 利一 2016.08
Landscape and Ecological Engineering Phylogeography of ten native herbaceous species in the temperate region of Japan: an implication for establishment of seed transfer zones of revegetation materials 富田 基史 2016.06
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Disparate radiocesium leaching from two woody species by acceleration of litter decomposition using microbial inoculation 橋田 慎之介 2016.06
材料と環境 土壌微生物群集によって誘引される炭素鋼腐食とそのメカニズムの解析 平野 伸一 2016.06
環境工学研究論文集 底生昆虫の総抗酸化活性の特徴と短期的な環境変動に対する応答 鈴木 準平 2016.06
Geophysical Research Letters Importance of coarse-mode nitrate produced via sea salt as atmospheric input to East Asian oceans 板橋 秀一 2016.05
Renewable Energy Impacts of synoptic circulation patterns on wind power ramp events in East Japan 大庭 雅道 2016.05
大気環境学会誌 単純地形上の冷却塔排気拡散に関するLarge Eddy Simulation ―格子形状が流れおよび拡散の計算精度に及ぼす影響― 小野 浩己 2016.05
Deep Sea Research I Evaluation of radioactive cesium Impact from Atmospheric Deposition and Direct Release Fluxes into the North Pacific from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants 坪野 考樹 2016.04
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Biokinetics of radiocesium depuration in marine fish inhabiting the vicinity of the Fukushima Ddai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant 立田 穣 2016.04
Tellus Rainfall downscaling of JMA weekly ensemble forecasts using Self-Organizing Maps 大庭 雅道 2016.03
Scientia Horticulturae N2O emission from a tomato rockwool culture is highly responsive to photoirradiation conditions 吉原 利一 2016.02
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Study on the performance and emissions of diesel engines fueled by Jatropha crude oil extracted with supercritical CO2 土屋 陽子 2016.02
水文・水資源学会誌 林床被覆が森林斜面における表面流発生におよぼす影響 若松 孝志 2016.02
火力原子力発電 模擬管路を用いた付着生物に対する塩素注入効果の評価 古田 岳志 2016.01
ICES Journal of Marine Science Effects of high CO2 levels on the ecophysiology of the diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii differ depending on the iron nutritional status 杉江 恒二 2016.01
大気環境学会誌 単純地形上の冷却塔排気拡散に関する風洞実験 −排気上昇と模型表面粗度の影響− 瀧本 浩史 2016.01


論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
日本建築学会環境系論文集 有限体積法に基づくLarge Eddy Simulationのための対流項離散化スキームの検討 建物屋上面からの排ガス拡散への大気安定度の影響 その2 小野 浩己 2015.12
Acta Horticulturae Continuous Measurement in a Greenhouse Reveals High COP of Air-source Heat Pump in Winter 後藤 文之 2015.12
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 自己組織化マップを用いた冬季若狭湾東部海域の表層流速パターン抽出 新井田 靖郎 2015.11
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 津波・氾濫流水路を用いた流木衝突実験と衝突力推定式の改良 池野 正明 2015.11
Proc. ENVIRA2015 Measurement of environmental radioactivity using a cumulative gamma radiation dosimeter: Fertilization-induced changes in young fruit trees 吉原 利一 2015.09
Hydrobiologia Quantitative effects of pycnocline and dissolved oxygen on vertical distribution of moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita s.l.: A case study of Mikawa Bay, Japan 鈴木 健太郎 2015.09
Environmental Research Letters Examination of a Practical Climate Stabilization Pathway via Zero-Emissions using Earth System Models. 野原 大輔 2015.09
大気環境学会誌 トレーサー法を用いたわが国の硫酸塩粒子濃度に対する国内外の発生源寄与評価 板橋 秀一 2015.09
陸水生物学報 群馬県武尊山南麓3森林渓流における早瀬、瀬リター、淵リターの底生動物群集 中野 大助 2015.09
Atmospheric Environment Variation of the ratio of nitrate to nin-seasalt sulfate in precipitation over East Asia with emissions from China 板橋 秀一 2015.07
Biomaterials Science Modulation of neuronal network activity using magnetic nanoparticle-based astrocytic network integration 齋藤 淳史 2015.06
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Status of 137Cs contamination in marine biota along the Pacific coast of eastern Japan derived from a dynamic biological model two years simulation following the Fukushima accident 立田 穣 2015.06
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Radiocesium biokinetics in olive flounder inhabiting the Fukushima accident-affected Pacific coastal waters of eastern Japan 立田 穣 2015.06
Journal of Applied Toxicology Acute and subchronic toxicity of 20 kHz and 60 kHz magnetic fields in rats 西村 泉 2015.05
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecolog Scope for growth of Mytilus galloprovincialis and Perna viridis as a thermal stress index in the coastal waters of Japan: Field studies at the Uranouchi inlet and Yokohama 立田 穣 2015.05
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Formate Catalyzed by a Copper/1,8-Diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene System 亘理 龍 2015.04
Journal of Hydrometeorology Anomalous Weather Patterns in Relation to Heavy Precipitation Events in Japan during the Baiu season 大庭 雅道 2015.04
大気環境学会誌 地上観測PM2.5と衛星観測AODの対応関係 板橋 秀一 2015.01


論文誌 論文名 主著者 発行年月
Analytical Chemistry Research Screening of polychlorinated biphenyls in insulating oil using a microfluidic based pretreatment and immunoassay 青田 新 2014.11
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Changes in radiocesium contamination from Fukushima on 10 popular tree species in Japan between 2011 and 2013 吉原 利一 2014.09
Environmental Control in Biology A precise/short-interval measurement of nitrous oxide emission from a rockwool tomato culture 吉原 利一 2014.09
Deep-Sea Research I Organic matter production response to CO2 increase in open subarctic plankton communities: Comparison of six microcosm experiments under iron-limited and -enriched bloom conditions 芳村 毅 2014.08
Marine Chemistry Dissolved organic phosphorus production and decomposition during open ocean diatom blooms in the subarctic Pacific 芳村 毅 2014.08
Biological Invasions Invasion, dispersion, population persistence and ecological impacts of a freshwater mussel (Limnoperna fortunei) in the Honshu island of Japan 中野 大助 2014.08
Bioresource Technology Comparison of metabolomic profiles of microbial communities between stable and deteriorated methanogenic processes 佐々木 大介 2014.08
土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 東日本大震災における原町火力発電所の被災過程と津波対策に関する検討 -福島県沿岸域に来襲する津波の特性- 吉井 匠 2014.07
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Factors controlling the spatiotemporal variation of 137Cs in seabed sediment off the Fukushima coast: Implications from numerical simulations 三角 和弘 2014.06
Biology of Inland Water Vertical patterns in recruitment of freshwater bivalve Limnoperna fortunei juveniles in two differently managed reservoirs 中野 大助 2014.06
分析化学 多相系マイクロ流体の基盤技術と化学プロセスへの応用 青田 新 2014.05
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry Increased growth of a hydrogenotrophic methanogen in co-culture with a cellulolytic bacterium under cathodic electrochemical regulation 佐々木 大介 2014.05
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