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研究報告書 詳細情報
[Detailed Information]

報告書番号 [Report Number]
Experimental Studies of HEAF (High Energy Arcing Fault) Event for segmented High Voltage Bus Ducts
概要 (図表や脚注は「報告書全文」に掲載しております)
背 景
目 的
HVBD(母線材質:銅またはアルミニウム,内容積:1.37 ~ 1.53 m3)を用いて、国内のHEAF火災発生防止対策を考慮した高圧電気盤で想定される三相短絡電流条件下の内部アーク試験(発弧箇所:HVBD中央部付近)を実施し、以下の成果を得た。
1. 内部アーク試験
通電時間arcを最大1.74秒、三相短絡電流条件(18.9 kA)における電圧や電流を測定し、アークエネルギーarcやアーク電圧arcを求めた。arcの平均値は銅母線0.576 kV、アルミ母線0.781 kV(対地電圧の三相合計値)となった。また、ガス塊によるZOIを球と頂角30°の円錐でモデル化するための技術的な知見を得た。本試験の範囲では、HVBD直下のケーブルと蓋付ケーブルトレイ内ケーブルの絶縁性能を損なう熱的な損傷、電気盤内部の熱的な損傷と制御信号への電磁的な影響はなかった。
2. HVBDのHEAFを対象としたZOI評価手法の提案
(1) arcと発弧箇所から評価点までの直線離隔距離を用いたtotal,実験式
total,=(arc)/(4^2) ...........(1)

(2) ケーブルの損傷(着火)に着目したZOI評価式
allowable=((arc)/(4damage))^(1/2) ..........(2)
HEAF (High Energy Arcing Fault) events have occurred world-widely in nuclear power plants. HEAF has a potential to cause extensive damage to distribution systems and electrical components nearby an initial arcing location. Due to characterization of more realistic HEAF zone of influence (ZOI), we executed internal arc tests using full-scale segmented (non-isolated phase) HVBD (High Voltage Bus Duct) with copper or aluminum bus bars. The HEAF consequences such as arcing current, voltage, internal pressure and incident energy were measured during the tests. In case of copper bus bars, the arcing energy where was discharged in 1.28 s using three-phase short-circuit current with 18.9 kA reached to 12.8 MJ. In contrast, the arcing energy of HVBD with aluminum bus bars reached to 16.5 MJ under the same test conditions. The difference suggested the possibility where HEAF events involving aluminum induce more severe HEAF consequences to surrounding equipment damage. In this test series, there was no catastrophic damage like a secondary ignition to component, such as a cable, a solid cable tray and an energized electrical cabinet. Moreover, control signals on the electrical cabinet were monitored during one of the tests, there was no effect of electromagnetic noise. By using the results, we proposed an empirical formula and cable damage criteria to predict the HEAF ZOI for segmented HVBDs.
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キーワード [Keywords]
和文 英文
高エネルギーアーク故障 High Energy Arcing Fault
高圧母線用バスダクト High Voltage Bus Duct
内部アーク試験 Internal Arc Test
影響範囲 Zone of Influence
損傷基準 Damege Criteria
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