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研究報告書 詳細情報
[Detailed Information]

報告書番号 [Report Number]
木本性植物に対する生育調節剤の性能評価(1) −樹幹塗布によるニセアカシアの萌芽成長抑制−
Application of plant growth regulators for woody plants (1) - Sprout growth suppression by rub treatment of flurprimidol on Robinia pseudoacasia trunk -
概要 (図表や脚注は「報告書全文」に掲載しております)
背  景
目  的
1. 塗布処理によるニセアカシア成長抑制
2. 薬効範囲の推定
3. 根圏共生微生物への影響

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) have been widely used for improving fruit ripening, controlling foliage plant size and so on. Now several PGRs are widely used for weed control in city area and golf courses. The use of the PGRs enable to save cost and labor not only for weed management but also vegetation management including woody plants. It was recently reported that foliage spraying and soil treatment were effective to suppress tree growth on excavation slope on load side. Accordingly, the application of the PGRs could also contribute to extend the logging period under power lines. However, current registered prescriptions in Japan, foliage spraying and soil treatment, are undesirable when we use the PGRs for the tree growth control under power line. Landowners are overly concerned about possible unintentional environmental diffusion caused by these prescription. So, we need to develop another procedure for the PGRs application to woody plants with less environmental negative impacts. In this study, we evaluated the effect of flurprimidol application by rub treatment to trunk on Robinia pseudoacasia. The rub treatment effectively suppressed sprout and root elongation, leaf expansion and net starch accumulation. Importantly, an application of less amount of flurprimidol that registered prescription to only one point near the ground successfully suppressed entire tree growth, including apical sprout elongation. In addition, no negative influences were observed on root-microbial interaction in rhizosphere, i.e. nodulation and nodule development.
報告書年度 [Report's Fiscal Year]
発行年月 [Issued Year / Month]
報告者 [Author]




橋田 慎之介

環境科学研究所 生物環境領域

松村 秀幸

環境科学研究所 生物環境領域

キーワード [Keywords]
和文 英文
生育調節剤 Plant growth regulators
塗布 Rub treatment
ニセアカシア Robinia pseudoacasia
萌芽 Sprout
根粒 Nodules
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