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報告書番号 [Report Number]
Global trends of research and governance of climate geoengineering
概要 (図表や脚注は「報告書全文」に掲載しております)
気候工学研究はまだ非常に日が浅く,効果も副作用もわからないことが多い.こうした状況で欧米では様々な研究プロジェクトが立ち上がりつつある.研究の当面の主題は気候モデリングと類似自然現象の分析である.前者については国際プロジェクト気候工学モデル相互比較実験 (GeoMIP)が進行中であり,日本の研究機関も参加している.英国政府は気候工学を主眼としたプロジェクトに資金を拠出している.米国では政府レベルでの研究は始まっていないが自発的な研究が広く行われている.
Climate geoengineering, the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change, is getting traction in light of slow progress of global mitigation efforts. A review of the literature and pertinent reports reveals that this set of technologies is still in its infancy, with its benefits, side effects, and costs highly uncertain. It is therefore necessary to conduct significant research if these options are ever to be deployed. The research enterprise is growing, mostly with non-governmental funding sources, with the exception of the United Kingdom, which initiated moderate-sized official research programs.
The potential social consequences of these technologies necessitate proper governance from the outset of research and development. It is crucial to distinguish two distinct categories of climate engineering - solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) - since they present different regulatory challenges. Discussions on governance mechanisms have already begun. On the international stage, the parties to the London Convention and London Protocol agreed on the assessment framework to identify "legitimate scientific research" involving ocean fertilization. The SRM Governance Initiative (SRMGI) is leading in fostering a global dialog on the SRM governance.
Though some researchers are already working on climate geoengineering in Japan, it is desirable to expand such activities. Potential areas of research focus include climate modeling and analysis of natural analogues, and ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI), particularly from Japanese perspectives.
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杉山 昌広

社会経済研究所 エネルギー技術政策領域

キーワード [Keywords]
和文 英文
気候工学 Climate engineering
ジオエンジニアリング Geoengineering
科学技術ガバナンス Science and technology governance
太陽放射管理 Solar radiation management
二酸化炭素除去 Carbon dioxide removal
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