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Copyrights and other rights

Copyrights of the contents (text, figures, images, videos, etc.) posted on this website are owned by the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry ("CRIEPI"), except as otherwise described. The contents shall not be modified, adapted, copied, reprinted, transmitted, made available to be transmitted, assigned or used to create derivative works without approval of CRIEPI, except for any copy or citation for private use permitted by the Copyright Law. When you cite any content, please refer expressly to the source of the content in an appropriate manner.
However, if any other provisions are described separately on the site, these terms shall supersede such.
Either the whole or part of contents of the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry's website may not be modified without approval of CRIEPI.

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Links to this site
This website is free to link to as long as you fulfill the requirements below.
Please inform us when you have provided a link to this website. ( Click here for the Inquiry Form )

  1. Your link may be rejected, if your website does not match CRIEPI's image or may damage the economic profit, reputation and confidence of CRIEPI, or otherwise causes or may cause damage to CRIEPI's other interests.
  2. Please make sure to provide a link to the top page of this website ( https://criepi.denken.or.jp/en/ ).
  3. CRIEPI shall not be liable for any troubles or damages arising from your link.

Links from this site
Please be noted that the websites being linked from this site are completely independent and this site does not have any authority to the contents.
The link to other websites does not mean that we recommend the contents or utilization, nor accept any responsibility related to the websites.

Access logs

Your domain name, IP address and other information in connection with your access to this website shall be automatically collected. This information shall be used for analyzing the use of this website and as operational information to improve our services.

Personal Information

When you contact us using the Inquiry Form, your e-mail address appears on the receiver's screen. Your e-mail address is not used for any purpose other than responding to your inquiry.
Personal information shall be managed properly.


We take full care of the reliability and accuracy of the contents on this website, however, your use of information of this website is at your own responsibility and risk. CRIEPI shall not be liable for any damage incurred to you due to your use of information of, or access to, this website.
CRIEPI may change, amend or modify documents on, or contents of the website, or delete contents from time to time without notice. The Terms of Use of this website may be changed without notice. These changes or modifications shall be important information for your use of this website. Please check from time to time the latest contents.

Recommended Environment

To view this website, the following browsers and plug-ins are required. If you view this website in any other environment than the recommended environment below, some contents may not be displayed properly.

For Windows
Internet Explorer 9.0 or later

*Some contents use JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled in the setting of the browser you use, please enable it in your browser setting before viewing this website.

*SSL3.0 is unavailable on this site. Please enable TSL1.0 or later in your browser setting.

*There is a possibility that the website is not displayed properly on the recommended environment, due to the browser, security soft, network settings.

Adobe Flash Player is required to view some contents.
Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader are required to view and print PDF files.
Media Player is required when you view videos.

Other Points

As a general rule, maintenance for research introductory movies and local introductory movies is scheduled in the early morning on the second Thursday of each month. You may not view videos for a few minutes during maintenance.
The above Terms of Use shall apply to CRIEPI's entire introductory website ( this website ) and other websites administered and updated by each laboratory and center. However, if any separate terms are provided, these terms shall supersede such.

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