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Team Introduction

Team Organization of Nuclear Risk Research Center

Planning and Administrative Team

Outline This team is responsible for the general management of NRRC’s R&Ds, conferences such as Technical Advisory Committee and CNO conference, and the publication of NRRC activities through such as the website.

RIDM Promotion Team

Outline This team supports the utilities’ efforts to establish the process of risk-informed decision making(RIDM) by clarifying the goals and developing a strategic plan to satisfy those goals. In addition, this team is responsible for supporting the industry’s pilot projects for developing “Good PRAs” and also developing the necessary technical infrastructure such as the PRA peer review process and a PRA database, so as to help utilities achieve their goals.

Risk Assessment Research Team

Outline This team conducts R&D to resolve the technical issues on related to risk identification and assessment identifying risks and its assessment in nuclear facilities with using the latest assessment methods.

External Natural Event Research Team

Outline This team conducts R&D to clarify the physical mechanisms of externalnatural events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, and tornados, and their impacts on nuclear power stations.
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