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NRRC Risk-Informed Decision Making Workshop Report

 Toward the continuous improvement of nuclear safety, Nuclear Risk Research Center conducts not only R&Ds for the implementation and further development of PRA (Probabilistic Risk Assessment) but also promotional activities for application of the risk information in the operational management of nuclear power plants.

 We conducted a research on the implementation experience of Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM) in the United States supported by experienced experts in the US from both industry and regulation and then published a report as part of the effort.

*The report is available from the link below.

 We also organized a workshop inviting the US experts contributing to the report. Through this workshop, NRRC expected that key players in Japan deepened understanding of the experience and lessons learned in the US and obtain specific insights toward the proper application of RIDM in Japan.

Date June 1, 2017 (Thu.) 9:30-16:50
Place Conference Room 31, Komae Area, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
Participants (Lecturers)
  • ・Dr. George Apostolakis (NRRC Head)
  • ・Prof. Ali Mosleh (Director, Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences, UCLA)
  • ・Mr. Mark Cunningham (Consultant; formerly USNRC)
  • ・Mr. Rick Grantom (Consultant; formerly South Texas Project)

(Participants): Total 91

Nuclear Operators:42
(Hokkaido EPCO, Tohoku EPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Chubu EPCO, Hokuriku EPCO, Kansai EPCO, Chugoku EPCO, Shikoku EPCO, Kyusyu EPCO, JAPC, J-Power, JNFL)
Nuclear Industry:15
(FEPC, JANSI, Toshiba, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
Government Agencies:13
(Nuclear Regulation Authority, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy)
Key Observations and Challenges
Lecturer: Dr. Apostolakis
Organizational Infrastructure for RIDM
Risk Management Organizational Infrastructure

Lecturer: Mr. Grantom
Organizational Infrastructure - Regulatory Authority
Lecturer: Mr. Cunningham
Reactor Oversight Process
Lecturer: Mr. Cunningham
Operational Risk Management
Lecturer: Mr. Grantom


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