Research Facilities

Long-Term Low Dose Rate Irradiation Facility
The gamma source (cesium137) is installed in a clean room 9m wide, 12m deep and 5m high.

Mice can be kept and cells cultured for a long period while gamma rays are irradiated at the low dose rates.

X-ray Irradiation Device

X-ray generator of 320KV, the maximum output for the self shielding type.

X rays can be irradiated in dosage rates from 0.2cGy/min to a few Gy/min.

Animal Breeding Facility

Five units ( / two rooms) for the control of optimal temperature and humidity conditions for laboratory animal (mouse) breeding and the constant supply of clean air for the prevention of infections and forth among the animals.

100-120 mice are bred per unit.

Laser Confocal Microscope

Photographing optical tomography of cells and processing them by computer makes it possible to analyze the subcellular distribution of the molecule where fluorescence is labeled and their movement as three-dimensional images.

Culture Cell Facility

Bio Clean Bench and CO2 Incubator are installed for cell culture. A 150KV X-ray irradiation device is installed in the same room.

Radiation response at the cellular level is examined by using the cell of human, mouse or hamster origin. Cells irradiated by the X-ray irradiation device can be analyzed immediately.

Automatic Laser Cell Measuring System

Flow cytometer consisting of a flow system, optical detection system and data processing system.

By measuring the fluorescence intensity, cell population and so forth of floating cells with fluorescent dye, cell cycle, the measurement of the cell surface and internal antigen, Chromosome and the intracellular activity material can be analyzed.

ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) Radical Measuring Device

Electron spin resonance device composed of a microwave unit, spectrometer, electromagnet, etc.

Material such as active oxygen and antioxidation enzymes contained in living organisms that are involved radically and the liquidity of the cell membrane can be measured.

Pulse Field Electrophoresis System

Pulse field electrophoresis system capable of changing the electric field direction at given intervals.

Large DNA molecules of 200kb-6Mb or more that cannot be analyzed by the electrophoresis can be analyzed according to length.

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