"Low Dose Radiation Research Center" was established in October, 2000, aiming to promote the low dose radiation research further, and to se
nd the results of the research widely, staring at the 21st century when radiation and human race's relations become important more and more in the point like the use of the radiation in the medical treatment and industry and peaceful uses etc. of nuclear power.
LDRC originally proceeds the research of the biological effects of low dose radiation, strengthens the cooperation with an external organization, as a base on the research network, tries to collect and to send the information of the biological effects of low dose radiation connected with the correct understanding and its application.
[ Chronology Table ]
"Low Dose Effect Society" (study meeting regarding the Luckey Thesis) started.
The hormesis research started as a culture research.
"Radiation Hormesis Society" (discussion regarding the formulation of CRIEPI research policies) started.
"Phase 1 Research" (clarification of study methods) started.
"Hormesis Study Group" (a system for research support by the outside experts) started.
"Phase 2 Research" (confirmation of the effect of hormesis) started.
"Radiation Hormesis Research Project" started.
Sponsorship of "Hormesis by Natural Radiation" special lecture meeting (Tokyo)
"Phase 3 Research" (verification of the effect of hormesis and project research to propose hypothesis for mechanism ) started.
Summarization of research into "Activation of Biological Defense Functions by Low Dose Radiation"
"Phase 4 Research" (verification and mechanism elucidation in the effect of hormesis) started.
"Low Dose Radiation Research Synthesis Promotion Preparation Room" was set up in Planning Division in July.
Establishment of "Low Dose Radiation Research Center" in October.
"Establishment Commemoration International Symposium" was held, inviting Roger Clarke, the chairman of ICRP.
Aiming at correct understanding of the efffects of radiation, the research introduction activity by visiting the nuclear power facilities in Japan started.
Establishment of "Low Dose Radiation Research Center Web site"
"International Symposium" was held, inviting Roger Cox, the chairman of the first technical committee of ICRP.
The operation of "Low Dose Radiation Information Network System (LINS)" started.
"Evaluation of the Biological Effects of Low Dose Radiation" (phase 1) (Quantitative analysis and mechanism elucidation of peculiar biological response phenomenon to low dose and low dose rate radiation) started.
"International Symposium" was held, inviting Sir Richard Doll and Dr. Matanoski who are the authorities of the epidemiology.
A conference on low dose radiation research ("Thinking About Dose Rate") was held at Komae, Tokyo.
A symposium "Low Dose Radiation Research - Outcomes for the Decade and Next Steps" was held in Tokyo.
Research projects "Evaluation of low dose radiation effects" and "Development of rational methods for radiation safety" were launched (2006-2008)
Research groups on low dose radiation effects and radiation safety were integrated into a new organization "Radiation Safety Research Center".

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