What is the radiation hormesis ?

Natural radiation has existed on the earth since ancient times and living organisms have lived with it and have gradually evolved.

When you think about it, you realize that living organisms would naturally acquire a biological mechanism for defending themselves appropriately from the radiation to which they are exposed in their everyday lives. If it were radiation of low dose, they would accept it as stimulation rather than harmful and it would not be strange if the defense mechanisms of the living organism were activated and received a beneficial effect as a result.

This is precisely what is meant by the effects of radiation hormesis and it is one of the research areas being given the most attention in radiobiology at present.

Dr. Luckey proposed the concept in the effect of the radiation hormesis while teaching biochemistry at the University of Missouri in the U.S. In 1982, he announced this concept of radiation hormesis in an academic society magazine (Health Physics) in the United States, which had a strong impact on people involved in radiation safety.

Dr. Luckey insisted that, while radiation in high doses exerted only adverse effects, radiation in low doses, on the contrary, not only stimulated living organisms but also had a beneficial effect on them, such as aging suppression, cancer suppression, improvement of immune function, promotion of growth and an increase in to disease.

History of the birth and evolution of living organisms

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