Launch of a verification project for the effects of radiation hormesis

We subsequently went to medical and pharmaceutical departments of other universities and explained the current research results at CRIEPI, and asked for their participation in a project to verify the effects of radiation hormesis.

With the participation of fourteen research laboratories, including Tohoku University, the University of Tokyo, Toho University and Kyoto University, we launched a project in 1993 to verify the effects of radiation hormesis on a four-year schedule with a total seventeen research topics in the following five categories:

(1) Effect on aging suppression
(2) Effect on cancer suppression
(3) Activation of living organism defense mechanisms
(4) Activation of gene damage restoration mechanisms
(5) Epidemiology investigation of atomic bomb survivors

In this project, we first established forecasts of links to the items below and moved ahead with proposals and implementation of research to verify them.

(1) Links to aging suppression if excess active oxygen is eliminated by the activation of SOD and
(2) Links to improved immunity in living organisms and cancer suppression if the activation of lymphocytes (T cell) is caused

Outline of the radiation hormesis effect verification project

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