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Name Shigeru Bando
Current Position Research Scientist
Research Interests Energy system analysis, Demand response, Thermal Engineering
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2016- Energy Innovation Center,CRIEPI
2010-present Research Scientist, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industory
2015-present Visiting Associate Professor, School of Frontier Science, The University of Tokyo
2013-2016 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2007-2010 Project Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2005-2007 Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
2005 Ph.D. in School of Environmental Study, The University of Tokyo,
2002 M.Sc in School of Environmental Study, The University of Tokyo
2000 B.Eng in Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokyo


  • TAKAHASHI Masahito, KANEDA Akihiro, BANDO Shigeru: "Potential Estimation of Reserve-type DR Resources in Japanese Industrial Sector", CRIEPI Report Y15013 (2016)
  • KANEDA Akihiro, ASANO Hiroshi, BANDO Shigeru: "Development of evaluation method of air conditioners in the commercial sector for system frequency regulation control service", CRIEPI Report Y15011 (2016)
  • BANDO Shigeru, HIGO Takayuki: "Function enhancement of the facility operation scheduling tool for energy management of commercial and industrial customers". CRIEPI Report Y15008 Apr 2016
  • BANDO Shigeru, ASANO Hiroshi, KANEDA Akihiro, NAKANO Tadayuki: "The current status of utilization of demand-side resources for ancillary services in the U.S.", CRIEPI Report Y14011 (2015)
  • YAMAMOTO Hiromi, YABE Kuniaki, BANDO Shigeru, NAGAI Yu: "An Evaluation of Effects of Large-Scale Introduction of Renewable Power on Capacities and Operation Modes of Power Generation Systems in Japan", CRIEPI Report Y14002 (2014)
  • BANDO Shigeru, YAMAMOTO Hiromi: "Cost Analysis of Dried Lignite by Oil Slurry Dewatering - Fundamental Feasibility Assessment of Lignite as Fuel for Power Generation in Japan -", CRIEPI Report Y13003 (2014)
  • BANDO Shigeru, HIGO Takayuki, ASANO Hiroshi, FURUKAWA Kei: "Development of scheduling tool of facility operation for the electric power demand management of industrial customers", CRIEPI Report Y12018 (2013)
  • TAKAHASHI Masahito, UENO Tsuyoshi, BANDO Shigeru: "A Field Test of Demand Responsive Load Controls in Japanese Office Building: Comparison of Effectiveness and Impact between Automated DR and Manual DR", CRIEPI Report Y12025 (2013)
  • YAMAMOTO Hiromi, BANDO Shigeru, SUGIYAMA Masahiro: "Development of a Power Generation Mix Model Considering Multi Modes of Operation of Thermal Power Fleets and Supply-Demand Adjustability", CRIEPI Report Y12030 (2013)


  • KIKUCHI Hironori, ASANO Hiroshi, BANDO Shigeru: "Load Frequency Control by Commercial Air Conditioners Power Consumption Control with Large Penetration of Renewable Energy Generation", IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 135(4) 233-240 (2015)(Japanese)
  • YAMAMOTO Hiromi, BANDO Shigeru, SUGIYAMA Masahiro, WATANABE Yumiko: "An Evaluation of a Power Generation System with Photovoltaic and Wind Power using a Multi-Mode Power Generation Mix Model", IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 134(9) 799-810 (2014)(Japanese)
  • TAKAHASHI Masahito, UENO Turoshi, BANDO Shigeru, KUROSAKI Atsushi, KOYAMAGI Takashi, NOMA Takashi: "Field Experiment of Demand Responsive Load Control in Office Buildings in Summer and Winter: Analysis of Load Reduction Impact and Customers' Acceptance", IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 134(8) 702-715 (2014)(Japanese)
  • BANDO Shigeru, ASANO Hiroshi: "Optimal Capacity Sizing of an Energy Supply System in a Microgrid by Considering the Effect of Backup Contract and Scale Economy", Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing 16(2) 269-283 (2010)
  • BANDO Shigeru, TAKAHASHI Masahito, AMATSU Takayuki: "Cost and Benefit Analysis of NegaWatt", CRIEPI SERC Discussion Paper, No.14008 (2015)


  • Member of CIGRE, The Institute of Elecrical Engineers of Japan, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering, Japan Society of Energy and Resources, and The Japan Institute of Energy


  • BANDO Shigeru(Joint Work): "Microgrids 1 Engineering, Economics, & Experience", CIGRE Technical Brochure 635 (2015)
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