Suppression of aging process (part 2) - Suppressing the incidence of diabetic symptoms -

Diseases that are caused due to the effects of reactive oxygen species are known as ROS-related diseases. Since the amount of enzymes (SOD) increases due to low dose irradiation, there is a possibility that low dose irradiation could suppress active oxygen diseases.

Diabetes is an active oxygen disease. Focusing on diabetes, we examined whether low dose irradiation would suppress the incidence of the disease.

In the experiment, we used a technique for administering special material (alloxan) and causing diabetes in healthy mice and, by analyzing and comparing the blood glucose level of mice that been irradiated by a low dose of radiation and mice that were not irradiated, we examined whether low dose irradiation controlled the incidence of diabetes.

The results were as we had expected. When irradiating the mice with about 50cGy before administrating alloxan, blood glucose was maintained at a level close to that of healthy mice and the incidence of glycosuria symptoms was suppressed.

Suppression effect of low dose irradiation on the increase in the blood glucose level

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