Approach to cancer therapy by whole body irradiation of low dose radiation

When we think of cancer therapy that makes use of radiation, what usually comes to mind is the method of localized irradiation of the affected area by high dose radiation of about 6000cGy in 30 fractions with the aim of killing cancer cells.

A new attempt at the Tohoku University Department of Medicine is the method of low dose radiation of 10cGy, combined with this method of localized irradiation, is used for whole body irradiation at the rate of three times a week continuously for five weeks.

This treatment was apparently given to patients of malignant lymphoma with a strong possibility that metastazation was already progressing to other locations when the localized tumor was first discovered and who had not been treated by other methods. More than thirty cases have been treated to date and it has been reported that the recovery rate showed significant improvement compared to treatment with localized high dose irradiation alone.

Cancer therapy attempts with whole body irradiation of low dose radiation

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