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History of
Socio-economic Research Center
Electric Power Utilities
Electric Technology Research Institute established 1951
Nine electric power companies established
Economic research department added, name changed to "Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry", Organized Economic Research Division 1952 Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. established Federation of Electric Power Companies established
Joined the International Union of Producers and Distributors of Electrical Energy (UNIPEDE) 1961
1966 First Commercial nuclear power plant in Japan
Economic Research Laboratory renamed Economic Research Center 1970
The "CRIEPI Model," the first economic forecasting model is developed 1971
First issue of "Electric Economic Research" is published 1972
1973 Agency of Natural Resources and Energy Ministry of International Trade and Industry is established
Oil crisis
"Study Group on Long-term Electricity Supply and Demand Issues" is established. (operated till 1989)
Created the first forecast for the economy and electricity supply and demand till 2000
Released energy envisioned by the mid-21st century 1978
1979 Three Mile Island reactor accident
Oil crisis
1986 Chernobyl reactor accident
  1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
Economic Research Center renamed Socio-economic Research Center (SERC) 1993  
1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake
Liberalization of the wholesale supply of electricity
  1997 The"Kyoto Protocol" - Framework Convention on Climate Change - adopted
Published the "Comprehensive Report on Medium-term Outlook for the Japanese Economy, Society and Energy" 1998
1999 JCO criticality accident
Published "The Long-Term Outlook for Japanese Economy, Society and Energy till 2025" 2000 Liberalization of electricity retailing commences
"Review Committee on the Deregulation of Electric Utilities" established (in operation untill 2002) 2001  
  2002 Electricity crunch in California
  2003 Major blackout across North America
2005 Kyoto Protocol entry into force
Opening of the Japan Electric Power Exchange
  2011 Great East Japan Earthquake / Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
Change to a General Incorporated Foundation 2012
2016 The Electricity System Reform
Commencement of Full Liberalization of the Electricity Retail Market

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