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Introduction of Research Domains

Comprising two broad domains, the Socio-economic Research Center (SERC) conducts research and surveys related to energy-orientated societies, economics, environment, and other issues connected to the electric power industry. Working in collaboration with the Center for Energy Innovation Generation (established in October 2016), SERC examines issues related to demand response programs as well as the improvement of load factor and utilization of demand-side resources.

Utilities Policy and Economic Analysis

Researchers in Utilities Policy & Economic Analysis study the changes of socio-economic environment for electricity industry and try to solve the problems resulting from those changes. Specifically, we do case studies on the institutional and managerial issues in the electricity industry in other countries, analyses of important legal cases, survey of consumers/residents, data analyses of the electricity market and corporate finance, quantitative analyses of population, industrial activities, electricity demand at national/local level. The results of these studies will be used for the assessment of electricity system reform and energy policy, policy recommendation for better risk governance of nuclear energy, and economic forecast and outlook for electricity demand.

Energy Systems Analysis

Researchers in Energy Systems Analysis attempt to propose institutional measures for the development of power transmission and distribution systems compatible with high penetration of renewable energy and regulatory reform of a power market, considering the utilization of demand management such as demand response. We also identify energy policy options in harmony with environment, economic efficiency and energy security, by conducting integrated analyses of domestic and international policies on climate change, energy conservation and renewable energy promotion.  

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